About our Personal Training

At Strong Style, we have helped thousands of clients over the past 25 years, not only reach their goals, but crush them. We help clients with weight loss, strength and muscle gain, cardio conditioning and sport specific training. We train everyday people who want to get in shape, lose weight, gain strength and muscle all the way up to NBA, NFL and UFC athletes.

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Program List

  • Strength
  • Conditioning
  • Cardio
  • Sport Specific


Personal Training Lunges

We will help you thrive

Achieve Your Goals

Our trainers will help you set goals, give you a structured training plan, and hold you accountable. Accomplishing your goals will never be easier since you can count on us to help you achieve them. Our personalized touch will take you farther, faster.

Complete Overall Fitness

Personalized Instruction

Whether you want to lose weight, or gain strength, we will push you to the limit. You will get one on one instruction not just to help you get in shape, but to learn how to grow on your own.

Personal Training Boxer

Reach the next Level

Sport Specific

We have trained some of the world’s toughest athletes in all major sports. Whether you are a high school athlete or a professional, we can help design a fitness program to fit your athletic goals. 

Train anywhere, Anytime

Online Training

Whether you train at Strong Style and want a structured plan, or are on the other side of the country, our trainers can create programs specific towards your goals, and hold you accountable with our online training program.